Friday, March 7, 2014

A Note of Thanks

To: Brenda J. Walker,

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Cedar Realty Trust, Inc.


Dear Ms. Walker,

I am writing to express heartfelt thanks to you and to Cedar Properties for working with Howard County, the Village of Oakland Mills, and the owners of the Second Chance Saloon to keep this vital business alive in our community. This article by Luke Lavoie in the Baltimore Sun, "New Lease Close for Columbia's Second Chance Saloon" brought great joy to me and all of us who support this amazing mom-and-pop establishment.

I was thrilled to see our community come together around this issue. The outpouring of positive energy has been inspiring.

The willingness of you and your colleagues at Cedar Properties to rethink your decision and work with our community is incredibly meaningful to me. Your response to our petitions, letters, emails, and phone calls shows a commitment to be active partners in the success of our Village Center.

Thank you so much.



Julia McCready



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