Thursday, October 12, 2017

Big Deal or Little Deal?

I look forward to Thursday mornings when I get the Columbia Flier in my inbox and can see what’s happening around town. This morning’s came with pointers about how to use the New Digital Edition. Along with stories on redistricting, a Hopeworks vigil, high school sports, campaign finance reform, and a first responders expo, there was an article I was surprised to see.


This must be quite the important article, because it also appears on page 33.  (And on page 32 in black and white.)

Everybody makes mistakes. Most of us don’t have ours splashed on the pages of newspapers. As a teacher, I talk a lot with children about how it’s okay to make mistakes. My co-teacher likes to ask the students, “Is this a big deal or a little deal?” to help them put things in perspective. Often they come to the conclusion that ”hardly a deal at all.”

I’m torn about the new digital edition of the Flier. As my mother always used to say, “If something says New and Improved!, it probably isn’t.“  But that’s a rather jaded view of the world. It presumes that there are no improvements left to make. If the Columbia Flier (and its parent owners) are still trying to make changes and improvements to the reader experience, well, maybe it’s a sign that it’s still alive and kicking.

And, with the state of journalism these days, especially small-town journalism, I’d say that’s a good thing.

P.S: I scanned the photograph for a good thirty seconds-looking for signs of a a Mercury rocket before my brain processed what I was really seeing.

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