Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Forbidden Garment

Now, here’s an unusual tweet:

Seniors, Do not wear a Toga to school tomorrow. It is against Howard County School Policy. Thank You.

I wonder what the story behind that might be?

You see, I’ve read the Howard County Schools Dress Code and there is absolutely nothing about togas.  So what was so important about this that the school in question posted on Twitter and sent emails to parents? Are they worried that togas might expose “undue flesh or undergarments”?

There’s got to be a reason. I don’t doubt that. But I’m pretty sure it’s not against policy. Correct me if I’m wrong. I entered the word “toga”into the HCPSS website and the only hit was for the GT Research Program. (No, I don’t understand that connection, either.)

I ran this by some parents online and the response was, by and large, laughter. Some found it puzzling, as other schools have allowed togas, but overall it just struck folks as silly. And sometimes, when all the news is mind boggling and upsetting, a bit of silliness goes a long way.

I suppose that I wouldn’t find it so funny if I were a senior who had planned on wearing a toga, though. I wonder what they think?

So we can have senior skip day but they took toga Tuesday away?¿?
(A possibly-related local tweet.)

So, seniors, I guess you shouldn’t wear togas today. But, for the rest of us who are ever so curious, could you please find out why?

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