Thursday, November 8, 2018

Not Yet

It is November 8th and the Mall in Columbia has announced that,

“The Holidays are Here!”

Oh good heavens. I am hoping that means that “the election season is finically over and we can celebrate a reduction in all the noise” but I don’t think it does.

I just want a bit of peace. Some rest. I want there to be no roiling controversy, no campaign fundraisers, no “have to do” events, no impassioned requests for one last check. I want my whole world simply to settle into silence for even just a little while.

But, “the holidays are here!”


I will jump on the holiday bandwagon when I am ready. Or maybe I’ll allow it to seep in gradually. I’m hoping to do things more simply this year. Less money. More experiences.

Blogger HoCoHouseHon has her own take on holiday observances. Definitely worth the read.

Are you ready to jump in to the next big thing? Are you already making your lists and checking them twice? Or do you, like me, need some time to chill out, unwind, and regroup?

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