Friday, November 2, 2018

The Last Day for Millennials

The Columbia Association is seeking input from Millennials. They want to know how they can serve them better. They have created a Millennial Work Group. And they have a form you can fill out to give input.

Here is a link to the form. Today is the last day to send in your ideas. Don’t miss out!

Millennials take so much bashing in popular culture and have been blamed for the decline of almost everything. You won’t see me doing that here. However, I’m pretty clear that I most likely don’t have a lot of them as readers of my blog, other than this notable one.

If you know any Millennials who live in Columbia, please tell them to take a few minutes today to fill out the online form.

I’d like to share the hilarious stock photo that CA was originally using to promote the Millennial Work Group but, after I poked fun of it a bit online, they took it down. I’m not sure it’s my fault but I suspect it might be.

In case you’re interested in some earlier results of what our local young folks are thinking, The Business Monthly has that for you here.

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