Thursday, March 22, 2018


There’s a nascent political page bubbling up on Facebook and I don’t like it. It’s called HoCo Truths. Whoever runs the page has chosen to remain anonymous and when you click on the “About” button, there’s a big fat zero. There’s only a few “Likes” so far. I don’t know how long it has been in existence.

Here’s what I don’t like. Whoever is behind this page is interestested in promoting the idea that Governor Hogan and County Executive Kittleman have “dangerous” views. Their track records are dangerous. If they are re-elected there will be danger in our futures. Now, I find much to disagree with when it comes to the Governor and the CE. But it’s important to articulate why different candidates represent a better vision. Engage and motivate people to support the values they believe in. Support the best candidates.

Something about this just feels like someone lurking in the shadows of a dark alley, whispering “psst!” to passers-by. It’s creepy. It also appears to be in the same vein as negative materials circulated during the last County Executive election. And, in the long run, those didn’t go over so well.

I take a dim view of pages/accounts on the other side of the political spectrum who frame Democratic candidates as “dangerous”. So naturally I don’t think that the way to beat them is to join them. I don’t think that promoting fear is a healthy or long-lasting motivator.

If I were going to start a page called HoCo Truths I would use it to promote discussion of the truths we face in Howard County that all of us need to work to address. As it stands, the murky nature of this page gives me an uncomfortable feeling about how it’s using the word “truth”. I hope this page either a) evolves into something better or b) fizzles out entirely.

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