Thursday, March 8, 2018

Politics and Clicks

Hey there, local candidates! What are you running for? Maybe it’s:

Columbia village board
Columbia Association Board
Board of Education
County Council
County Executive
House of Delegates
State Senate

Have you created a social media account for your campaign? Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Are you using social media in a one-way fashion, to push out information? Or will you be interacting with the public through your social media accounts?

Yes? No? Maybe? Why or why not?

Hey there, local voters! How important is a candidate’s social media presence to you? Do you prefer meet and greets? Candidate forums? Someone who knocks on your own front door? What do you expect from a candidate’s social media account? What makes it useful/not useful for you in making your voting decisions?

The rise of social media has transformed our election processes both nationally and locally. Now we have professionals who will sell you their services to create and shape your social media presence. Social media is now considered a part of a candidate’s “brand”.

But how important is it in local races? I’m watching this year’s campaigns shape up and I am interested in your opinions.

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