Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are we the New American City?

I saw this note from Friends of Bridge Columbia on Facebook:

Howard Hughes Corp. (the developers of downtown Columbia) are holding a meeting about their plans for the pedestrian/bike path connecting the hospital to Blandair this Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 6PM at Slayton House in Wilde Lake. The HHC plan differs from the Bridge Columbia plan and does not include public transit. Please plan to attend to see their plans and advocate for the Bridge Columbia concept.

As I am taking a sabbatical from going to meetings, I have to make a pitch to you folks to go and/or keep yourself informed about this project. I believe it is an important one. I don't think Columbia was called The New American City for nothing.  Innovative, appealing public transit, of which this project would be a part, is essential to our future.  And not just for Columbia, but for the entire county.

As I flipped around the channels last night, I passed a program that described some sort of casino card game which has been transformed into the process of clicking card images on a computer screen.  To be perfectly honest, I do sometimes think I'd rather participate in community meetings like this.  Meetings are over-rated. However, real-live participation remains one of the major ways we do things around here.

So, if you can, go to this meeting. Learn more, think more.  And share your thoughts here.


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