Monday, March 18, 2013

Why I am Running

We need to make Columbia meaningful to all residents. We need to make Village life, along with the mission of Columbia, relevant to newer residents, younger residents, and residents whose economic or ethnic backgrounds make them feel disenfranchised.

In Oakland Mills, the revitalization process helped us focus on our strengths and establish priorities through a Village Master Plan. The Street Captain Program, the weekly e-newsletter and the Village website have built on that process. We still need to do more, because within every resident we reach lies the future of our village.

The Columbia Association has also done an excellent job in recent years of reaching out through email, newsletters, blogs, social media and informative community events. My own understanding of and appreciation for CA has been positively influenced by their efforts. And yet, we still need to do more.

I am running for Columbia Council Representative in Oakland Mills because I believe it is an ideal position to seek out, nurture and extend opportunities for outreach in the Oakland Mills Community. The more we can share knowledge and foster a sense of ownership, the more we can assure a healthy, vibrant community for the future. The same goes for making a positive contribution to Columbia as a whole--communicating what is working well for us and listening to Representatives from other Villages for what is working there: a sharing of best practices for the benefit of all, and working together to benefit Columbia as a whole.

But our biggest challenge today is educating residents about what CA is and what it is doing. Looking at the low percentage of Columbians who vote in Village elections is a good indicator of the challenge we face. It is our responsibility to connect, educate, and empower. We are rooted in the history of Columbia's beginnings; we will include present day residents; we must build for future generations.

I need your support. If you believe this message, share it. If you have questions, ask them. If you want to follow my campaign, click here.

Columbia belongs to you: vote.

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