Saturday, March 19, 2016


Facebook memories reminded me of this March, 2013 letter by former CA Rep from Dorsey's Search Tom Coale. The paper gave the letter this heading, "Trust will work with CA, but remain independent." In his letter about the creation of the Inner Arbor Trust, Coale states:

Predictably, opponents of the plan, having failed to convince the community on substance, are attempting to reverse course based on lies, scare tactics and empty critiques of process that have proven elusive to satisfaction or remedy.

It is now March, 2016 and opponents of the plan are still trying to destroy it. (See "Gossip Guys".) Of note is this sentence in CA Rep (Harper's Choice) Alan Klein's candidate statement:

Returning Symphony Woods to CA control is a top priority

Control, control, control. Mr. Klein and his friends appear to be engaged in a battle to the death that has little to do with representing real Columbians or advocating for Columbia's future. It's all about control.

On the other hand, the good news in Harper's Choice is that residents actually do have a choice this year, as Bob Fontaine has thrown his hat in the ring to challenge Mr. Klein. From Mr. Fontaine's candidate statement:

Columbia’s long-term needs must be addressed pragmatically. We can and should embrace the town’s history and values while recognizing that the times and our economy have changed. Yesterday’s solutions will not work today or tomorrow.

I have known Bob Fontaine for a number of years and I'm happy to say he is an ideal candidate for this position. He has deep roots in the community, he is highly knowledgeable of the issues, and he works collaboratively and respectfully with others. He's open-minded, thoughtful, and thorough.

This will be an important race. If you live in Harper's Choice, or have friends and/or family who do, please tell them to get involved and vote. Poor turnout has plagued CA elections for years and the lack of constituent involvement has allowed candidates with backward-thinking views to dominate.

Columbia was never meant to be a backward-thinking place.

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