Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Back Burner

Some things that are percolating but aren't ready to roll yet:

  • Changing acoustics in Downtown Columbia. I keep reading about this. Changes to the landscape due to development in the Crescent, combined with changes at Merriweather, appear to be affecting who is hearing what, where, and how much.
  • Expanded summer feeding centers in hcpss: good. One of the sites has recently-verified mold issues: bad.
  • Why do elected members of the Board of Education often learn of hcpss/Board actions by reading about them in the newspaper?
  • Women community and/or political bloggers in HoCo: we need more of them.
Good news from Michael Blackman of the Columbia Concert Band:

The Columbia Concert Band returns to where it has always belonged - the Columbia Lakefront July 4th fireworks! It's been so long, I can barely remember the last time the "hometown band" has been part of the Independence Day celebration - I am thinking 26 or 27 years (yeah, I played). Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we can only bring a little over half the ensemble, but it's a start! Come hear a nice variety of music, including marches, popular songs, patriotic medleys, and original symphonic band music. We start at 7:00 and finish - well, when the fireworks begin!

This is exciting stuff--live community band music for the Fourth. It's wholesome, sugar-free, yet won't offend anyone's sense of fair play. Get your blanket out there early, folks. Also, it sound like there may be a back-story here. Yet another thing to put on the back burner.

Time to start cooking up some future posts.

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