Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gratitude Thursday

I am grateful, I am so everlastingly grateful for the WAMU pledge drive. For every minute it goes on, I do not have to hear the news.

I do not want to hear the news.

I do not want to hear of the horrific conditions in Aleppo. I do not want to hear how waters are being polluted by breaches in pipelines. I don't  not want to hear how the governor will put money toward private school vouchers when he has declined to fully fund public schools.

And I really, really do not want to hear about the daily crazy-making antics of the President Elect, and how our election was very likely manipulated by a foreign power.

What a blessed relief to hear about coffee mugs and tote bags from familiar voices. Those same voices used to communicate better news in better times. We've been through a lot together. Maybe if they keep talking about reporting with accuracy and passion, this crazy new world will melt away.

The pledge drive is a fantasy world where the news doesn't exist. You can help to keep it going. Give to WAMU so that it can stay on the air and nobody loses their jobs. But give just enough. Not too much. Because they keep saying that they are going to stop once they reach their goal.

We can't let that happen.

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