Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Little Slyce of Heaven

I recently rewarded myself after a particularly long work week with a trip to HomeSlyce. I wasn’t there for the pizza, though.

Baba ghanouj. Food of the gods. That heavenly roasted eggplant dip I used to get regularly at Egyptian Pizza in Baltimore. Quite rare locally. Wegmans sells something they call baba ghanouj which looks more like hummus and has mayonnaise as an ingredient. Sacrilege!

Back to HomeSlyce. I arrived well before the dinner hour and had my choice of tables. I received excellent service. Sometimes a woman alone can feel less than welcome in a restaurant. Not so here. Service was helpful and attentive but not over-solicitous.

The beer? A Dogfish 60 minute IPA. My appetizer was the aforementioned baba ghanouj. It could have easily been a main course in my point of view. It makes your tongue tingle with garlic. Nothing shy about it. I ordered a Homie Salad for my main course. While there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, the ingredients just didn’t hang together in my opinion. The chopped steak on top is some kind of “steak-um”-like ingredient, which I somehow wasn’t expecting.

On the other hand, the ingredients were so fresh I was able to eat my salad leftovers the next day. So there’s that going for it.

A couple came in with a young child and a sleeping infant in a carry seat while I was there. As I was leaving another such couple was wheeling their stroller up to the entrance. It seems that HomeSlyce is a destination for the early dinner with babies and toddlers crowd. Cool. So five o’clock isn’t just for the silver-haired or the middle aged women dining alone.

Have you been to HomeSlyce? What do you recommend?

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