Saturday, March 24, 2018

Basket Bingo (Not What You Think)

Easter is coming and some of you will be making Easter baskets. If Easter is not your holiday, you may have an occasion to celebrate the coming of Spring, or a birthday, or even a wedding. A gift basket could be just the thing.

I have an idea. What if you filled your basket with items from Mom and Pop businesses in Howard County? Here are a few ideas:

Try some delicious sweets and treats From Momma’s Kitchen.  The selection of flavors is amazing and her presentation is always over the top gorgeous.

Head over to the Breezy Willow Country Farm Store and noodle around to find just the right things to tuck in your basket. They have some wonderful handmade soaps that would bring some delightful Springtime fragrance to your gift.

A jar or two of Neat Nick Preserves would easily fit in a basket. Perhaps you could tuck in a fresh baked loaf of bread from River House Pizza?

I made my first visit to Su Casa in Ellicott City on Thursday evening. I always thought that they were just furniture. Was I ever wrong! There’s lots of smaller, “gifty” things that would work perfectly in a basket.

Normally I would suggest a trip to Daedalus Books for a few little book-related gifts but this is their last weekend and I’m not sure what the selection will be. Stop by to wish them well anyway. You might find a bargain.

Am I forgetting a great local source for Easter candy? Little Spring-y toys for kids?

Chime in with your recommendations in the comments. Remember, it has to be truly HoCoLocal.

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