Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Grab Bag


You’d be amazed what has accumulated here in my bag of tricks. Today feels like a good day to dump it all out and see what I’ve got.

There’s a new superhero out there protecting the environment and his name is Sharkey D’Shark.

Sharkey found 251 pieces of trash between the road and the train tracks. He found more, but he learned that not all trash gets thrown away. Some can be reused or recycled! #SharkeyAttack #PatapscoRiver #ChesapeakeBay

Over at the Howard County Library, they must still be tallying votes. No winner has yet been announced. Did you vote?

If you’ve ever wondered about the popularity of the Green Bins for collecting food waste/yard waste, or doubted they’d catch on, you might be interested to see this photo.

It appears that Green bins have become so cool and influential in the local bin scene that our good old Blue bins want to get in on the fun. I’m sure there’s a great story behind this. Green bins as influencers, perhaps?

Have you seen this woman? If you keep your eyes open while you’re out and about, you just might.

“I may not be at every crosswalk, but I’m always here to keep Maryland pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers safe.” - -  Signal Woman 

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram for fun, games, and safety tips.The Look Alive campaign was created to “raise awareness of pedestrian and bicycle safety and educate drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists about safe use of roadways in the greater Baltimore region.”

And finally, this tweet - - in Turkish - - that raises so many questions without providing any answers.

For those who don’t read Turkish: 

#Columbia ( #Maryland ) ranks first in terms of the level of public schools. Average rent is $1,700, household income is $106,000 per year. It has a population of one hundred thousand. It is 40 minutes away from the capital Washington by car. #GreenCard #başvuru #sitesi #merkezi #danışmanlık #İstanbul #Türkiye #Ankara

This is practically a “ Where’s Waldo?” Or “Hidden Picture Seek and Find” of falsehoods and just plain weirdness. Feel free to clue me in if you can explain why this appeared on Twitter in 2022.

So that’s the round up of my curiosity collection today. It’s Thursday, November 10th. In the real world, there are still votes to count which will finalize the winners in the Board of Education race. Also, I haven’t yet checked my digital copy of the Howard County Times - - to see the photo on the cover - - but let’s hope they got it right this time. 

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow for Free Form Friday.

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