Friday, February 2, 2024

F ³: Love Is In The Air


It has begun. 

A local restaurant wants me to know that “nothing says I love you like a sub and a milkshake.” 

February means that Valentine’s Day is on the way and we will be seeing plenty of love-themed events, articles, and adverts. Granted, this ad is a patently silly pseudo-connection to love and romance. But I’d much rather have someone try to sell me a sub and a shake with this than trying to sell me something under the guise of Black History Month. That’s just plain offensive.

I thought it would be fun to Google  “nothing says I love you like…” and see what else would turn up: don’t do that. In particular, I wouldn’t recommend clicking on the images portion. Yikes. Despite that, here are a few:

Nothing says I love you like:

  • doing the dishes 
  • wearing a mask
  • a bit of folded card
  • a clean house
  • giving someone a massive amount of hugs and kisses every day
  • being on the same mood stabilizer 
  • a shed
  • holding a boombox over your head 
  • a corned beef sandwich 
  • a vasectomy 

In an attempt to get slightly more serious, here’s a Tweet that I’ve been hanging onto that hints at the deep desire to be known which is a stronger component of love than, say, a corned beef sandwich:

Compliments about your appearance are nice‚ but when somebody compliments you as a person, the way you think‚ your laugh‚ your personality‚ how genuine your heart is‚ that hits different.

What do you think? Does the onslaught of commercism that comes around Valentine’s Day annoy you? Amuse you? Have you ever received a romantic gift that was truly meaningful to you?

Extra credit: complete the sentence, “Nothing says I love you like…” 

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