Monday, May 20, 2024

Maryland Again? How About a Top Ten!


It’s Monday. You may not be feeling too cheery about that. Why don’t we keep going with yesterday’s “all things Maryland theme” today? That was a lot of fun! So, in response to a reader request:

We need a top 10 places to visit in MD blog now after this one.

My top ten would be pretty simple. I’m not, as you know, a Maryland expert but I can tell you my favorite Maryland locations I’ve visited since moving here in 1985. Many of these are tied up with memories and experiences. So my list won’t help you pack you bags for a vacation, alas.

I’m a blogger, not a travel agent. Think of this more as a top ten Maryland memories list.

  1. The Walters Art Gallery,  Baltimore Museum of Industry,  Art Museum sculpture garden
  2. Summer concerts in the Towson Courthouse plaza (come for the jazz, stay for the wild bunnies)
  3. The Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
  4. Sykesville, The Inn at Norwood, shops and restaurants in the main street 
  5. Oregon Ridge (concerts, fireworks, the honey festival, quiet walks in the woods)
  6. A quiet Thanksgiving in St. Michaels
  7. Ella’s Treehouse hotel in Western Maryland 
  8. The Inn at Mitchell House near Chestertown (honeymoon stay)
  9. Noodling around in Annapolis, looking at shops, lunching, etc.
  10. Chrysalis, Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods (a little bit of hometown love.)

To keep your mind off of your Monday, send me your suggestions for Top 10 Places to Visit in Maryland.

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