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Dragon Boats and Community Outreach

For an event announcement and a confession, read on.

From the Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County:

Looking for a fun summer activity for your kids or a delightful evening for the whole family? Join us at CAPA's annual Dragon Boat Festival, June 16th from 4-8PM  at the Dancel YMCA in Ellicott City! Enjoy Asian food, cultural activities, performances, a moon bounce, magic show, twisted balloon art, Asian games, and much more. 

Images from CAPA-GC social media

True confession: all this time I have been thinking that actual dragon boats would be a part of this event. My assumption, as embarrassing as it is for me to admit, is that the dragon boats would be…in the pool at the Y. Alas, the schedule of events does not indicate that this is so.

This is where a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I’m familiar with dragon boats largely because of the Baltimore Dragon Boat Club.  What I had not done, until this morning, was any basic research on the Chinese holiday known as Dragon Boat Festival. From a website for children:

The Dragon Boat Festival is a folk festival integrating worship of gods and ancestors, praying for good luck and warding off evil spirits, celebrating, entertainment and eating. - - Duanu Festival Facts for Kids

This evening’s event appears to be focused on the cultural aspects of the festival rather than on boat racing. There will be performances, activities, and food to enjoy. The event is a part of CAPA’s community outreach.:

The Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County provides three core services: Family & Youth Education, Community Outreach, and Civic Engagement.

Have you ever been to this event in years past? I’d love to know more.

To learn more about the Chinese American Parent Association of Howard County, visit their website.

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