Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In the Line-Up

For some reason I am unbelievably exhausted and have been since we got back from the Midwest. You wouldn't think that an adjustment of only one hour would do that to you.


Instead of a fully-formed blog post, here are some topics that are waiting around for their turn at the near future, I hope.


  • This year's CA elections versus the race for Democratic Central Committee in Howard County.
  • "Clicking contests" vs. voting with your feet.
  • Paying Le Comptoir at Petit Louis a second visit.
  • Why does Oakland Mills needs to be "re-invented for the 21st century?"
  • The strange case of HoCo Times and Baltimore Sun making separate endorsements.
If any of these are of particular interest to you, or you have other topics you'd like to suggest, let me know.


And now: back to bed...

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