Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quiz Show

With apologies to Peter Sagal and NPR, this is:

"Spit it Out!!"

the VG/TS Columbia/Howard County current events quiz.

Questions are taken from the week's hyperlocal happenings. Winners of today's quiz will receive a selfie with Dylan Goldberg, locally grown zucchini from AnnieRie, and Dave Bittner's voice on their home answering machine.*

1. This week, Howard County locals were encouraged to show their hocolove by supporting what local event:

a) The opening of restaurant Mission Barbecue

b) Monday evening's County Council Meeting

c) Howard County Restaurant Week

2. At the groundbreaking event for CA's new Haven on the Lake wellness spa, guest were given swag bags which included the following:

a) Salt

b) Autographed pictures of Milton Matthews

c) Brochures on self-hypnosis

3. Local Blogger Marshmallow Man responded to conflict on the County Council by expressing a wish to see Council Members enact what classic Saturday morning cartoon show:

a) Wacky Racers

b) The Archies

c) Banana Splits

4. County Executive Ken Ulman made news when he changed his mind about:

a) term limits. He's staying.

b) rules for vendors of snacks and drinks at county functions

c) Coke. The ones with the names are cute.

5. Bloggers in Howard County did something unexpected by:

a) switching from cocktails to olive oil

b) holding hands and singing in front of the People Tree when Friday night's dance session was canceled

c) agreeing

6. Republican candidate for County Executive Allan Kittleman raised eyebrows when he revealed:

a) his new patriotic-themed Speedo swimsuit

b) a plan to raise funds with all-you can eat buffet events

c) tv ads aimed at Independent and Democratic voters

7. What local event combined Boy Scouts, cookies, politicians, and a sound-proof room?

a) filming for new healthy-eating PSA from HoCo Unsweetened

b) opening of renovated Savage Library

c) local podcast, "Are you Smarter than a Boy Scout?" sponsored by Girl Scout cookies

This week's fill-in-the-blank limerick:

"We're tired of such rude selfish barging

when lots up to date are enlarging

Your stupid "Mine, mine!"

Will get you a fine

Don't park in a space meant for ___________________!"

I hope you enjoyed playing along at home. Stay tuned for future episodes of "Spit It Out!" On the VG/TS network.


*completely false. Just made that bit up.






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