Friday, June 12, 2015

Brother Can You Spare a Pulse?

This article by Andrew Michaels taught me two things: yes, people still read the newspaper, and, some people are incredibly tone deaf when addressing our community's issues. In reference from sound coming from Merriweather Post Pavillion on concert night, Town Center Board Member Helen Ruther said,

The thumping you hear is the heartbeat of the millennials.

Oh. My. Word. How witty. How acerbically To. The. Point. Ms. Ruther was taking a very public swipe, on the record, at this letter to the editor by Town Center resident Dylan Goldberg.

As a 24-year-old who has grown up in Howard County, I find myself envious of friends who live within walking distance of their work, their late night bars, and farmers markets among other things. As I debate whether or not to leave downtown Columbia to satisfy this envy, I remember that Merriweather is in my backyard. While I sat on my porch late Sunday night, preparing for an early Monday morning, I listened to a world-famous musician perform and couldn’t help but to think how lucky I was to call this town my home.

To my friends and neighbors in Columbia, Ellicott City, and across Howard County who felt this performance and the loud sounds were an inconvenience, I remind you these events are isolated, occurring only a few times each year, and happen to be magnets attracting tens of thousands of people to our beloved community and our restaurants, malls, and hotels.

Some may say that my opinion falls in line with the "millennial" mentality but I remind you that we, the millennials, are looking for places to live and invest in and our concert venue is a top-billing reason that young people want to live here.

So remember, the sound of a heavy, repetitive bass-drop is more than noise; it’s the collective heartbeat of Howard County’s next generation.

Dylan Goldberg Columbia, Maryland


Really, Ms. Ruther? You live in a world where it is okay to get up in a public meeting and sneer at one of your constituents? And not only that, to sneer in such a way as to take in an entire generation along with him? If you wonder why most younger people have no interest in getting involved in Village and Columbia affairs, this meeting is a case in point. Shame on you.

Several years ago I came across this quote, or made it up--I can't remember which:

Let me never live in such a way that people will be happy when I am gone.


Do you know what heartbeats are, folks? They are a sign of life. Embrace all the residents of Columbia while you still have the chance. Your precious People Tree is withering as we speak.




There's so much going on in town this weekend that I don't know where to begin. So I'm just sending you to Totally HoCo so you can see for yourself. Whatever you choose, make sure you make a little time for this:

Abiding Savior's 2015 Flea Market is setup and ready to go! Lamps, books, cds, breadmakers, toaster ovens, microwave, bar stools, small tables, decorative items, picture frames, curtains, etc., etc., etc., and a faux Prada bag! Priced to sell. Doors open Saturday at 8. . .close at noon. All money raised goes to buy grocery gift cards for the EMTs communal meals as a thank-you for their services!!!

Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

10689 Owen Brown Road

Columbia, MD 21044







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