Sunday, June 7, 2015

You Might Be Surprised

It seems only fair that, having blogged about things "I just don't care" about, that I take a moment to divulge some of my guilty pleasures. Sure, this blog is mostly about community involvement, education, a variety of liberal points of view, Columbia and Howard County issues...But there have to be some skeletons in the closet, right?

Here goes:

  • The ABC show Once Upon A Time. A relatively recent discovery, watching one episode at a time on Netflix with my daughter. Yes, obsessed with characters played by Robert Carlyle.
  • Ice pops/freezy pops. Have adored them since childhood. Now no one can tell me I can't have two if I want.
  • Cat naps in the Lazy-boy with a soft, cuddly blanket. (When did this become my idea of fun?)
  • The occasional Dollar Tree shopping binge. Despite conscious efforts to declutter and not encourage more plastic stuff in the world, about once I year I take about twenty dollars and go nuts.
  • Play dough. And Model Magic. And Kinetic Sand. And just plain old playing in the sandbox or at the beach. My hands just need to squish things. All public meetings would be vastly improved by providing access to these materials.
  • Stuffed animals. Must be cuddly. Must be easy to hug. Must be adorable. It doesn't matter how hard I hide, they find me.
  • Fritos. Recently rediscovered after a long hiatus. Not a good thing.
  • Blue's Clues. Only the Steve episodes. Don't laugh--if you know, you know.
  • Sleeping with a fan on. I'm a big white noise fancier. Drives other people nuts. I used to cry when my mother put the fans away at the end of the summer.
  • Fantasies of winning the lottery. Yes, I know it's not realistic. No, I don't spend a lot of money buying tickets. But in my dreams I have turned cool old HoCo buildings into Extreme Homes and funded Bridge Columbia and Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods. Worth every penny.

Your turn--care to share a guilty pleasure or two?





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