Sunday, June 14, 2015

Transformation and Synergy

Friday, on the Facebook page for Downtown Columbia, a link was posted for the weekend's activities at Lakefest. Beneath the post was one simple response from someone I believe to be a hardcore member of the "You Know You Grew Up in Columbia, MD When" Facebook community.

I guess that I'm okay with Wholefoods now.

The decision to reuse the old Rouse Building as a Whole Foods grocery store came under a lot of attack on that Columbia Facebook page. I'm not a member, since I obviously didn't grow up here, but I do peek in from time to time to see what people are talking about. And many felt that the decision to move forward with this project was wrong and they weren't shy about listing their reasons.

Fast forward to yesterday. My family and I made our yearly trek down to Lakefest to enjoy the music, stroll around, view the work of artists and artisans, and to sample some festival food. By the time we had made the complete circuit, though, we were overpowered by the heat.

"Do you want to go someplace to cool down?" I asked my husband, who looked miserble. He shook his head yes. Then his face brightened.

"Why don't we go into Whole Foods?" And so we did.

We got something to eat and drink, sat down in the cafe, and enjoyed the view. It all worked together in an amazing way.

If you were too busy to make it down to Lakefest yesterday, make sure you go down today. It will do your heart good to see the Lakefront alive with people. And music. And fun.




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