Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Challenging the Expected

Bumped into an old friend in an unexpected place on Monday.

You may recognize her as one of Ginger Bread Girl's many friends and relations from Clark's Elioak Farm -- originally from the Enchanted Forest. I was quite surprised to see her at the Inn at Norwood in Sykesville, but I guess everyone needs a little getaway now and then.
Speaking of things I wasn't expecting, the terrible news of Governor Hogan's cancer diagnosis comes to mind. I was both gratified and confused to see Democrats stepping forward on social media with good wishes for recovery. Yes, wishing someone who is gravely ill the very best in care and healing is the right thing to do. But it also feels weird to see some of the Governor's most outspoken opponents in such a hurry to say something nice.
Tom Coale's post on HoCoRising addresses this well, I think. In "The First Human Governor" he states:
In an instant, Governor Hogan went from a man of policy, slogans, budgets, and vetoes, to a husband, father, grandfather, and man. And I believe that is true for both his supporters and detractors alike. I can say from personal experience that candidates are often treated as something other than human. Tired? Frustrated? Elated? Hurt? Keep it to yourself and stay on message. Larry Hogan was as much a symbol as he was a man. Until yesterday.

So does it take a diagnosis of cancer for us to allow a person of differing political views to be human? In the same way, does it take the murder of nine people in a church for us to allow an honest conversation of the legacy of slavery, racism, and all that the Confederate flag symbolizes? Why?

I realize that I am stepping way out of "where Columbia and Howard County intersect." Even a hometown blog can have questions bigger than its boundaries. Today, these are mine.





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