Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hall of Fame

Today is International Women's Day. This Thursday the Howard County Commission for Women will add the 2016 honorees to their Hall of Fame. The ceremony is Thursday evening at 7:30 pm in the Banneker Room of the George Howard Building. The public is invited, and there will be a reception following. The women entering the Hall of Fame this year are:

  • Mae Beale
  • Mamie Perkins
  • M. Shirlene Bauman*
  • Frances Louise Brown*
  • Ruth Davis Brown*

This is a truly inspiring event. I went last year, but am unable to go this year due to a prior commitment. I encourage you to attend if you are able. You can follow the Howard County Commission for Women by liking their page on Facebook.

This year I thought I'd observe the day by submitting my list of amazingly awesome Howard County women. No one has asked me to do this, and no one has had any input into my choices. I am purposely excluding anyone who is running for public office right this minute, because I don't want this list to be about political aspirations. It's just my list, and today, these women are on it.

  • Mary Kate Murray--a champion of the revitalization in Oakland Mills, an all-around community-builder and now a champion of Conscious/Attachment Parenting.
  • Candace Dodson Reed--AVP for Communications and Public Affairs, UMBC, also Founder and President of the African American Community Round Table.
  • Ann Faust, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Baby and Me Lactation Services, also active PTA member, education activist, and all-around good neighbor.
  • Jennifer Terrasa, County Councilwoman for Disctrict 3, lawyer, teacher, listener and thinker.
  • Cindy Vaillancourt, Howard County Board of Education, advocate for transparency, responsiveness and accountability in the Howard County Public School System.

I should add that there are a few women I'd love to put here who'd be embarrassed to be singled out, but that is the only reason for their omission. So, if you're shy...that probably means you.

Who is on your list? Why? Let me know.



*awarded posthumously


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