Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Never, ever take a day off.

There's this thing with me and blogging. If I take even one day off, it becomes incredibly difficult to jump back on again. I don't know why it is that way. I guess that being "in the zone" is a result of keeping the daily discipline.

Yesterday morning I awoke to this view.

My husband treated me to a bed and breakfast getaway for my birthday. We enjoyed the hospitality of the Ship Watch Inn in Chesapeake City. Readers of this blog know that we always go to The Inn at Norwood in Sykesville, but they were booked solid. And so we had the opportunity to try something new.
Chesapeake City grew up around the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. It's really a fascinating little place and we definitely want to go back at a time where we can noodle around and visit local shops and museums. Since I spend most of my time inside the Columbia Bubble I find the contrast of places with older architectural interest to be fascinating. Plus, I've always loved history.

At any rate, as I lay in the most comfortable bed in the world with the softest sheets in the world I was not moved to get up and write. The world was still for a moment. My most pressing decision was when to eat breakfast.
When we were packing up to come home I noticed what had been behind me the whole time we were there.

It's a writing desk. I guess that, no matter where I go, writing finds a way to make itself known.
There's plenty in the hopper for posts this week: politicians and their newsletters, proposals for new construction and how people feel about them, the Board of Education and the African American Community Roundtable, and last, but certainly not least, my write-up of the LWV BOE Candidate Forum.
That should keep me busy.


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