Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Small Story

News out of the Columbia Association is on the budget.
News from this particular tweet is that the Howard County Times is still just as nostalgic for the old CA building as most of us are. This is the current CA Headquarters:

(From Columbia Association website)

I am pretty sure that when this piece first went up, the same photo of the old headquarters accompanied the story. It isn't now, so they've corrected their error. Just for fun I did a Google images search of "Columbia Association Headquarters" and the top ten results were:

1. The old HQ at Lake Kittamaqundi
2. Rouse brothers statue
3. Overhead view of the lakefront
4. The People Tree
5. New CA HQ
6. The Caterpillar, Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods
7. New CA logo
8. Artist's rendering of old Rouse Building reimagined for Whole Foods
9. New CA HQ (different from #5)
10. Overhead view of the lakefront (different from #3)

Is any of this important? No, not really. Is the Howard County Times nostalgic? No, probably not. I just found it mildly amusing because Columbia is a place where many people have great difficulty with change, so a photo of the old headquarters seemed perfectly fitting, somehow. If you're a "Columbia watcher" those little bits of trivia reach out and grab you.

I really must get a life.

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