Sunday, October 14, 2018

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I’ve been wondering if any folks from Maple Lawn were startled to hear the current County Executive make this statement in the HoCoBiz debate:

When I was on the zoning board, I voted against Maple Lawn. We have to increase our commercial tax base, not more residential density. 

Upon reading the tweet one respondent suggested that Kittleman might have alienated numerous voters from the Maple Lawn community.

Not sure this was a good choice of tweets to “promote.” Odd to be bragging about voting against a couple hundred more high six figure and millionaire families in your county. I’d delete this if I were you.

It does feel a bit like Dad getting up at a big family event and revealing he never really wanted you.

But wait, Maple Lawn. Lest you feel unwanted and unloved, it turns out there’s more to this story. Here’s Mr. Kittleman from 2014:

I was on the County Council when Maple Lawn was first planned. We had the longest Zoning Board hearing in the history of Howard County when it was approved. It’s become such a great project because it has tremendous location, but it also has tremendous residential. It’s clearly a place that’s a mixed use development in Maryland that you can see works. It’s got everything going for it. - - Allan Kittleman

Let me get this straight. He was against it before he was for it before he was against it again. Okay. We all change our minds, right? But why publicize it in this way as a talking point in a campaign debate?

That part is easy. The current tide of public opinion has turned against development. It looks good to be able to say it. 

But that’s not exactly the same thing as telling the whole truth, now is it? 

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