Friday, October 12, 2018

Loose Ends

A bit of this and that this morning.

Here’s a great article about the importance of pronouncing students’ names correctly. I’ll be writing more about this soon. H/T to BOE candidate Robert Miller for noticing the hcpss mention in this piece.

Interesting conversation on Twitter which begins with County Executive Allan Kittleman saying this:

Kittleman: when I was on the zoning board, I voted against Maple Lawn. We have to increase our commercial tax base, not more residential density. #HoCoBiz Debate

Up this weekend:

Opus, in Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods. I did decide to get a ticket to see what all the buzz is about. Free tickets (and more information) available here.

Blogger Harry Schwarz writes about the North side of Blandair Park. It looks like there will be a children’s garden and a nature park after all.

Local podcast Elevate Maryland is taking a bit of a break but intend to be back soon. If you’ve missed any back episodes, now would be the ideal time to catch up.

And now, on to Friday. I’ll see you all tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

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