Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cupcake Stories

True confession: this blog post began with a conversation with my daughter Alice, aka HoCo House Hon

Know any good cupcake stories?

     Not really.

I sort of backed myself into writing about cupcakes.

     Oh goodness. Did you not have a plan???

It was a joke to begin with...

     Oh my gosh this whole time I’ve been thinking you had a cupcake post all sketched out.

Well by tomorrow I will, by golly.

     “Do we need our news to be bite sized in order to process it?”

With filling?

     Do we depend on the fallacy of choice when most outcomes are arranged by the machine of capitalism?

 Alright, that’s a doctoral thesis.

     Hahaha but cupcakes come in lots of flavors but they are all cake!

“What kind of cupcake are you? Take this quiz to find out!”

     Maybe it should be: what your favorite cupcake reveals about you & where you live in HoCo.

Oh my word.

     Red velvet: Clarksville.

Hmmm... Columbia: Party sprinkles.

     “Is a muffin a cupcake: the great debate!” What we call things matters. No one would eat a piece of “cake” for breakfast, but a muffin...

“Are you a cake or an icing person? Residents are divided.”



     The ancient feud.

 “The cupcakes these people bought reveal more about their voting habits than you might think.” 

     Hahahaha you should write about this conversation!

Cupcakes were all the rage some years back. They’ve been surpassed by other food crazes such as bubble tea, poke bowls, healthy smoothies, among others. I hear that crab cake egg rolls are taking off in Baltimore at the moment.

I’m still a fan of cupcakes as long as they actually tast like something and aren’t overburdened by frosting. I enjoyed the cupcakes (from Whole Foods) pictured above because the fresh fruit kept them from being too cloyingly sweet. I’ve also had delicious cupcakes with fancy fillings from Touché Touchet. 

Now it’s your turn! I want to know where you’ve had the best cupcake in Columbia/HoCo. Tell me what kind of cupcake it was: cake, frosting, filling (if any). Why do you think it was the best? Respond in the comments section on Facebook or reach out to the email account associated with blog.

And if this post inspires you to try out a few new places in search of the perfect cupcake, I want to know about that, too. Submissions will be shared in a future post. 

Can we stir up a little local cupcake interest? I bet we can. After all, everyone has at least one good cupcake story.

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