Friday, September 25, 2020

Down by the Stream

I’ve been awake since seven am trying to come into focus. It’s not happening. So this will be stream of consciousness or not at all. I have been watching Discovery network home programming pretty much non stop since Tuesday and my brain is awash with white people with disposable income and I feel generally anesthetized and sad at the full weight of that. 

Moving on.

Tomorrow are the Columbia Orchestra Carnival of the Animals concerts at the Chrysalis. Get your tickets.

Tonight local podcast Elevate Maryland will interview author Matthew Iglesias at 8:30 pm on his recent book, One Billion Americans: the Case for Thinking Bigger. Here’s the link

Clark’s Elioak Farm will have a pumpkin season and you all better behave yourselves and not mess this up, health-wise.  Those pumpkin patch trips are often the bailiwick of grandparents and right now grandparents are at high risk so wear your masks, wash your hands, and leave lots of space between groups. Make an appointment in advance. 

I would like one small pumpkin. You may leave it outside the house.

There’s an event coming up on October 3rd at the Howard County Conservancy. It’s called Gallery in the Garden and it looks like an excellent opportunity to enjoy their facilities and support their programs. Take a look here for more information.

Teachers are still working from the moment they get out of bed until they fall into it and from what I can tell, sometimes while they are sleeping. My sincere thanks to parents who are understanding that and trying to work collaboratively rather than raging to burn it all down. It’s wildly hard for parents and kids, too. Teachers know that. That’s the biggest part of why their hearts are aching right now.

A shout out to my husband who was teaching his students the intricacies of audio recording from his home music studio when our HOA had the tree trimmers come by to take down some trees. 

Love to you all. 

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