Sunday, September 27, 2020

Who Loves You?


I saw an advert for a greeting card the other day.

And it brought to mind how I’ve been trying to reorganize that old mish mosh drawer. You know, I got started, had good intentions, got sidetracked. I never really did finish. So, what’s in there right now?

I know, it should really be in my wallet. Not quite sure how that happened. Seeing it there, all by its lonesome, made me smile.

Right now it’s pretty gray outside and I’m still on the mend so what better reminder of all the things my Howard County Library Card can do?

I get fresh information in my inbox every weekend letting me know about opportunities and events coming up at the Library in the HiLights Newsletter. There are interesting topics to follow on library podcasts HiJinx and Chapter Chats. Just right for today might be lying around and enjoying content like music, movies, and tv through the HCLS Now! Streaming service. 

On a quiet Sunday when you know you’re not going to be getting out much, finding that old familiar card in the drawer is a great reminder of who’s really there for you no matter what.

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