Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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According to the following tweets, the Harpers Choice Tuesday Morning store is closing. As of this post, it may already have closed. Have you ever been there?  We used to love noodling around there before a trip to Maiwand or Rita's. When Margo was little, it was a great source for an inexpensive toy or a stuffed animal.

@ingloriousBOH: Per Tuesday Morning employees, @Kimcorealty's longstanding neglect of maintenance issues is why they...are closing. #ColumbiaMD

@ingloriousBOH: Easy to believe, if you've been to @KimcoRealty's #HarpersChoice Village Center. The store has buckets all over the store to catch leaks.

@ingloriousBOH: Maybe that's why stores and restaurants rarely rarely start up in west #ColumbiaMD: @KimcoRealty owns WL/HC/HR, & runs them like slum lords.

I don't know much about Kimco. But I do know that the Harpers Choice Tuesday Morning has been plagued by leaks as long as I have been going there. It's absolutely true about the buckets.  It always struck me as odd that a store in a Columbia Village Center would be in such bad shape.

I'm not an investigative reporter; I'm a curious community blogger. I know there must be more to this story. But I do think it is too bad that the store is closing, because it was a refreshing change from the usual village center fare. Bargain hunters will move on to similar stores in strip malls like Ollie's, Big Lots, Tuesday Morning...a loss for the Village Center model, indeed.


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