Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Same Old Songs

I wasn't really paying attention last night as I finished up one craft project and plotted the next one. Then I found myself drawn in.     

@LukeHoCoTimes: At presubmission meeting for new development #ColumbiaMD Warfield neighborhood, new mixed-use development to be built near @MallInColumbia

Cool! Luke was live-tweeting, so I hopped on for the ride. I noticed tweets from other interested parties, notably @kirstycat1209 and @kevxb. I really appreciate clear live-tweeting: all the benefits of attending the event without actually having to be there. Plus, you can share information with your friends simultaneously without being rude.

The meeting was divided into a presentation followed by Q and A time. 

@LukeHoCoTimes: and let the Q & A session begin! First up, Alan Klein #ColumbiaMD

I began to laugh. You know, that crazed, will it never cease laugh. The shake-your-head and want to disbelieve it laugh. Oh, Dennis, Dennis, how you would have loved to to do the play-by-play on this one. Because of course it is always Alan Klein. There aren't enough hyperlinks on the world to do this justice.

I don't know why that set me off the way it did, but the rest of the event took on a theater of the absurd quality for me. In reality, it was no more absurd than any other Columbia meeting that contains the proposal of any kind of change. Traffic and parking, rental vs. ownership, affordable housing, and all the rest were discussed. A completely useful sort of meeting, I gather.

This past weekend I watched "1776" once again with my family. Our youngest had never seen it. I found myself wondering if the founders moved into their Golden Years questioning every change, decrying any new growth or development to the new nation. Either there isn't much historical information on this, or I just don't know enough personally. I'm open to enlightenment.

What if a group of people helped to found something new and they rejoiced as it grew, matured, developed, struggled, tried again, reinvented itself, moved forward...This is something parents must do. And it is really hard sometimes. 

Thanks to Luke for putting the information out there, and handling questions as they came in. And for sitting through the same old songs that we all know so well.


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