Saturday, June 27, 2015


So what was happening yesterday at that mythical place where Columbia and Howard County intersect?

  • Some folks still complaining about Merriweather
  • County Exec offers then withdraws loan idea for rehabbing older homes
  • Friday night means movie night at the Lakefront
  • Fresh produce stand reappears at Kendall Hardware
  • Colonel Gateway is having a poetry contest
  • Folks party at UUCC from 7-9

It's the last one that intrigues me--a local event tied to news of national import. While our lives are immersed in the very local day-to-day, sometimes something bigger reaches right down into our neighborhoods. That was yesterday.

For a while on Friday, all our hyperlocal cares slowed down a little bit as we took in the news from the Supreme Court. Okay, maybe a lot. My day pretty much stopped for this, but I am on vacation. And my social media feed is pretty well trimmed at this point as I witnessed no outrage or complaints. I did, however, see a woman post her joy along with a fearful apology that she knew friends would be angry at her. Another woman posted something positive only to have her happiness dashed by a comment from her parish priest.

But overall my Facebook and Twitter accounts looked like this. And for that I am truly grateful. Because yesterday's decision was a joyful one for me and I wanted the whole world to celebrate along with me. Say what you will about the healthiness of encountering opposing points of view. A carefully curated social media stream can be a truly beautiful thing. After all, these are my people. People who:

  • Love, and don't judge
  • Have walked the walk, or
  • Are committed allies
  • Rejoice in others' joys
  • Share the light

So, three cheers for the folks at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia who were ready at the drop of a hat to party. ("BYO Champagne and a snack to share.") I know a few of them and they are good people. Sometimes you just need to stop and celebrate. I hope they had a wonderful time.


Me? Well, we didn't do anything in particular. There were hugs, and smiles, and many virtual rainbows were exchanged. And we all went to bed feeling that marriage has been strengthened for everyone by acknowledging that love is love.




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