Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What Do You Know?

There are surveys, and then there are surveys.

Link number one takes you to a post about my very own fledgling survey about CA Pools and Health Club facilities.

Link two takes you to the presentation given to the CA Board on a survey undertaken by Club Intel about the very same thing. Cool. (Spoiler alert: their survey was way better.)

I was alerted to this info by CA Board member Andy Stack, and it's really fascinating. There's a lot to process here, and in fact there's going to be a follow up presentation in the Fall. I found these two pieces of information interesting:

  • There is a significant group of people who maintain two health club memberships.
  • Survey found that most people don't have a warm emotional connection to their participation in CA facilities.

Hmm...I'm amazed that anyone could afford more than one health club membership. And I'm interested in the whole emotional connection angle. I know that there was a time that CA was the only game in town and that participation in CA facilities was part and parcel of living the Columbia dream.

What do you think has changed? Do you think it matters? I'm very big on emotional connection, sense of identity, and relationships, but I'm curious as to what you think.

Oh, and here's a shameless plug for my own survey. If you haven't taken it yet, take ten seconds. Yes, it's that short.

A little motivation for you here.


I almost forgot to add that I think it is great that CA is examining this topic, and I hope they are able to put this information to use in a meaningful way. Did any of you participate in their survey? What did you think of it?



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