Thursday, September 24, 2020

Love it or Leave It


You probably saw it.

Columbia has been named number 5 in Money Magazine's Best Places to Live in the United States in 2020. And, just like that, people showed up on the County Executive’s Facebook page to complain about it.

Good grief. Are there no other leisure activities during a pandemic?

No one is forcing you to live in Columbia and, if you don’t like it, apparently there are four spaces above us on the list. Take your pick:

*Evans, Georgia

*Parker, Colorado 

*Meridian, Idaho

*Rockwell, Texas

Maybe we could all chip in and send the most outrageous complainer to an entirely new city. 

Yes, every community has challenges and we are not immune. I’ve written about plenty of them right here. But the vitriol with which some people turn out on the occasion of Columbia receiving what is pretty much a feel-good honor is pretty darned pathetic. It smacks of racism towards the kind of city Columbia is by definition, and towards the Black Democratic County Executive who leads it.

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