Sunday, January 17, 2021

Change in Menu, Change in Venue

If you see the words “Bridges to Housing Stability” and think “chili” then that’s certainly to the credit of the good folks at this area non-profit anti-homelessness organization which has been raising funds with a local network of chili cook off events as they spread awareness of their mission:

  • Prevention – helping households that are at-risk to stay in their homes or move to more affordable housing  
  • Re-housing – helping homeless households who are ready to do so, to move into permanent housing, often without entering shelter
  • Temporary Housing – providing housing to homeless families while they work on their goal of achieving permanent housing

But today I’m here to talk to you about pizza and other tasty Italian treats because Bridges is having a restaurant night with Coal Fire in Ellicott City/Shipley’s Grant. (Want a peek at their menu?)

This is good news for me because my family is not so fond of chili (aside from me) but they are big fans of the sort of menu items on offer at Coal Fire. And that means I won’t have to do much persuading to get them on board with supporting this event.

Here’s what you need to know: Monday, January 25th you can support Bridges to Housing Stability by ordering take-out from Coal Fire. On their event page you will find everything you need to know, plus a flyer you’ll either print out or show from your device. Bridges to Housing Stability will get 20 per cent of the proceeds on carry-out orders from 11:30 am - 9 pm but you will need to show the flyer to make that happen. 

It’s only 6:20 am and I’m already getting hungry.

Bridges to Housing Stability has been doing good work in our community for quite some time now. I notice that the first time they come up on this blog is in 2012, when they were the designated charity for the Columbia Home Tour. Since then they’ve popped up six more times. Not a surprise when lack of affordable housing is an ongoing issue in Howard County.

When you add to that the economic burden of the pandemic on already economically stressed residents, you see that the need right now is clearly greater than it has ever been. Many of us are immediately motivated to participate in initiatives linked with getting food to our hungry neighbors. Efforts to keep families in stable housing are equally important. Eviction and subsequent homelessness set up a destructive cycle that can be almost impossible to overcome.

You can help the folks at Bridges do what they’re best at: solving homelessness with housing. And you can enjoy a pizza or a salad or whatever calls your name on the Coal Fire menu.

Mark your calendar for a January 25th. Tell your family to look at the menu and be ready to order. And here’s some interesting information from the Bridges website to discuss over dinner:

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