Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Truth in advertising: this is not a HoCo local story. Yet.

LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ) — Officials at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport are turning to social media to help return a lost stuffed animal to its owner.

Southwest Airlines tweeted a light brown stuffed bear was left at a gate at BWI on December 16. Since then, the bear has gone on a few adventures, the airline said, but they’re hoping to get it back to its rightful home.

It would, of course, be a local story if it’s your teddy bear. Take a look at the photos. Tell your friends. Let’s bring this little guy home.

If it is your bear, let me know. I’d be delighted to interview you and the bear about your experiences, socially distanced of course.

Moving right along, and indulging myself in a bit of whimsy...
In keeping with a recent national interest in finding 11,780 things, I thought I’d compile a local list of what I’d enjoy finding and giving out:

Columbia Association: 11,780 invasive weeds eradicated from Open Space
Department of Housing and Community Development: 11,780 vocal supporters of affordable housing 
Columbia Community Care: 11,780 petition signers to support the creation of a Peace and Justice Center
Howard County Times: 11,780 new subscribers
Howard County Health Department: 11,780 new vaccine doses arriving daily 
County Executive Calvin Ball: 11,780 positive comments on his official Facebook page
Howard County Schools: 11,780 supportive parents
Howard County Library: 11,780 new Friends 
Howard County General Hospital: 11,780 community members committed to masking, distancing and hand washing
Community Ecology Institute at Freetown Farm: 11,780 people who want to get outside
HoCo Kindness Rocks: 11,780 self-painting rocks with positive messages  

Feel free to submit your own. The only requirement is that they should be positive: fun, without being mean-spirited. For instance, I hear that Ilana Bittner of HoCoMoJo and Pixel Workshop reported that the University of Maryland went back to double check and they found 11,780 more credits for her. She’ll now be going by Dr. Ilana Bittner.

An online group I belong to has suggested “holding off on the heavy stuff” until Thursday of this week. I think that’s probably a good idea.

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