Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Columbia Jams. In Ellicott City.


I do not care that Columbia is the seventh happiest city according to a Wallet Hub Survey. I do not care that we have moved down from second happiest city last year. In 2018 we were twelfth. Before we took second place we were eighth. Goodness knows what it all means.

I am fascinated by the news that, not more than a week after the opening of a restaurant called “Toast” - - sorry, Toastique - - word comes that Eggspectation in Ellicott City is rebranding as “Jam”.



To our loyal community over the last 20 years, we are closing for renovations on Monday, February 27th. But don't worry, we will be back with the same team you know and love in mid-March 2023. Stay tuned here for updates on the grand reopening and to see our progress. Thank you as always for your patience and support - we can't wait to welcome you back soon!

To recap:

  • Toast and Jelly, no. 
  • Toast and Jam, yes.
A few thoughts on this announcement. First off - - how is (was) Eggspectation located in Ellicott City? It’s right across the street from Waterloo Elementary School which is in Columbia. Does the boundary line run right down the middle of Waterloo Road/Route 108? 

Okay, perhaps not directly across the street. But close. Those of you who are local boundary savvy, please fill me in. Yet again I’ve become obsessed by the significance of a bird’s eye view.

I’d say we visited Eggspectation about a half a dozen times through the years. One of them was notable, but, that's another story altogether. I think the only reasons it didn’t become a more regular choice were that  1) it was really noisy on account of all the hard surfaces and 2) it was more expensive overall than we could afford for a “regular” place. (What can I say? We’re teachers.)

When they first opened I remember a glass display case of mouthwatering desserts right by the door as you went in. Sadly, it was the kind of place where I inevitably came away too full for dessert. I always had that problem with the old Double T diner as well. 


There have been some rumblings over on the Howard County Eats Facebook page that the rebranding will mean that the new restaurant will have more limited hours. While they’ll serve more than breakfast items on the menu, and will retain their alcohol service, their plan is to close daily at four pm.

Wait a minute. 

“Jam - - your local neighborhood joint for day-drinking?” Those of you save that first drink until after five pm are out of luck. 

Local change brings toast and jam, cocktails before four, and - - who knows? Next year the Jam location may miraculously be back in Columbia by virtue of boundary magic and we could all live happily ever after. Or at least a few notches higher on the Wallet Hub Happiness Scale.

What makes you happy about where you live? 

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