Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Headscratchers and General Weirdness


It has been a rough week for Howard County school parents. Either they’ve been unable to call up school lunch menus to see what’s for lunch, or unable to make appointments for parent-teacher conferences. Considering that the year began with many school parents being unable to find out when the bus was going to come, it certainly seems as though 2023-2024 will be remembered as the Year of Many Mysteries. 

Sometimes computers improve the quality of life and sometimes they gum up the works. Someone needs to talk more nicely to the HCPSS computers because it looks as though they are mad and possibly even holding a grudge. 


Some nice-looking blonde woman stopped by County Executive Calvin Ball’s Facebook announcement (that he will not be seeking the newly-opened congressional seat) to offer her well-wishes. Actually, no. She held forth for an entire four paragraphs on everything she thought was wrong with Dr. Ball during his tenure as County Executive. I noticed that her last name was Kittleman. 

Do you think that could be significant?

I’m trying to imagine how it would have gone over if a close family member of Ball’s had done something similar to Allan Kittleman.


This comment from the Baltimore Banner got my goat: Where to order Thanksgiving dinner — because cooking is for suckers

Is it not possible to share information about commercially prepared Thanksgiving meals without taking a snarky swipe at home cooking? Coming across as mean-spirited and arrogant is not a plus. Sheesh.  


Finally, a thought for your consideration. I saw some complaints online this week about recent local fireworks/firecrackers.  While I do understand the negative impact they have on pets, what I don’t understand are those who were angry that they hadn’t received special notification. Friends, Diwali comes every year. Just like July 4th celebrations. But accepting the noise from Independence Day as normal or expected but wanting an added degree of communication for Diwali seems to me to be a kind of othering. 

Remaining ignorant is a choice. It’s a way of announcing to the world that other people’s holidays and customs are “not on your calendar.” 


Wait! One more! In the category of General Weirdness, this request on Reddit:

Best cheese selection?

Wegman's has a decent selection of cheese, whereas the Giant that's closest to me has very little. I'm looking for the best selection of cheeses in the area. In particular, today I'm looking to get some Grana Podano. I don't find it on the websites for Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, or Trader Joe's.

Can anyone help me find Cheeses?

And - - I kid you not - - the fourth comment in:

Remember The Cheese Shop in Wilde Lake Village center. That place was great.

If you want to have eternal life, be a Nice Cheese Shop.

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