Monday, November 6, 2023

Lost in Elkridge? Maybe Not


The story set off something in my brain.

DHL distribution center in Elkridge set to close, relocate in February 2024, Dominick Philippe-Auguste, WMAR TV 2

Is this the place that packages go to die? You may be familiar with this phenomenon. You order something, they ship it, you think you’ll get it any day now and…nothing. You check the tracking system. Invariably it’s in a facility in Elkridge, Maryland.

If you don’t believe me, search DHL Elkridge on TwitterX, Yelp, or Google reviews. My personal favorite:

I’m gonna need to have a talk with whoever works at that DHL place in Elkridge MD. Y’all only got one employee? There hasn’t been a single time a package has passed through there and not taken a damn week. Maryland, everything about your dumb ass state sucks.

Okay, let’s not drag the entire state, ma’am.

The distribution center in Elkridge has 120 employees (a lot more than one!) who will be impacted by the closure. They are being given the opportunity to move to a DHL center in Manassas, Virginia, that will absorb the business from the Elkridge site.

Officials tell WMAR that the move to Manassas, Virginia will help better serve customers as they will have a larger distribution center to help them process more volume.

"This new building will better position us to support our strong customer base in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic states," a representative from the company said.

This could be a vast improvement, and I’m sure we all hope it will be. On the other hand, perhaps Mannassas will become the place your packages go to die. At least folks will stop blaming everything on Elkridge. 

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