Monday, January 1, 2024

Completely Ridiculous Predictions


I did not stay up late, nor did I get up early. Wild living over here! Since I am far behind my usual time window for posting, I’m just going to say the heck with it and indulge my imagination for the new year. 

Village Green/Town²’s completely ridiculous 2024 HoCoLocal predictions:

  • There will be an enormous snow storm and absolutely no one will say that “the children should be in school.”
  • For the next twelve months all County expenditures will be for Elkridge.
  • The Merriweather District will announce the opening of Columbia’s newest Interfaith Center. There will be membership fees to join but coffee hour will be remarkable.
  • M4L will announce a campaign to urge parents to pull their kids out of public schools. It will be wildly unsuccessful.
  • Old Ellicott City Main Street will be the home of Howard County’s newest newspaper venture, which will be supported by a bar/laundromat hybrid business.
  • The County Council, the Board of Education, and the CA Board will establish ongoing outreach with one another in a series of Pickleball tournaments.
  • Howard County will become the first community in the state to allow food trucks to circulate through neighborhoods like ice cream trucks. 
  • Cell phones will be banned from county schools and passing notes will see a huge resurgence. 
  • In response to the local housing shortage, vacant properties in Village Centers will be sold as homes or rented as apartments. Village Green/Town² will move into the former Second Chance Saloon in Oakland Mills.
  • The Baltimore Sun will declare a moratorium on letters about what’s wrong with Baltimore written by residents of Howard County 

Do you have any completely ridiculous 2024 HoCoLocal predictions?

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