Monday, January 11, 2016

A Change of Heart

I'd like to recommend this post to you:

"A Healthy Harvest AND a Healthy Dose of Inspiration" by Susan Garber.

Yes, that Susan Garber. After her moment in the HoCo political spotlight was over, she started a blog, How Come? I haven't said anything about it here up until today because I have found it to be more of the same anger and negativity for which its author is locally famous.

But this post is different. Read it and you will see why. The piece is ostensibly about Howard County start-up Hungry Harvest, which recently won investment funds on Shark Tank. As you you read you'll see that it begins with one of Ms. Garber's notable actions, a letter to the editor. But then it takes a turn.

She sends an email to Hungry Harvest and they call her right back.

I don't want to spoil it for you. You must read it for yourself.

This piece is honest, informative, and most of all, humble. Ms. Garber concludes:

"Moral of the story: Reaching Out rather than Mouthing Off is a more effective strategy for bringing about needed change. Sounds like an especially good moral for writers and bloggers…….."

While I haven't often agreed with Ms. Garber in the past, she has earned my respect by being willing to take a clear-eyed look at herself and admit she was wrong about something. It takes a big person to be able to do that.


Now I am going to take a bit of a leap. If you believe in the proposed legislation aimed at improving the Howard County Schools, now is the time to do more than "Mouthing Off" about it. It's time for "Reaching Out". Write and call your representatives and tell them why you support these two measures.



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