Friday, January 15, 2016

Things That Don't Make Sense

Three things that defy logic this week.

1. School board suggests it will do away with Jewish High Holy Days on the calendar as a way of justifying not observing other holidays of other religions. Action provokes a large community outcry. Board reverses itself and says now we'll observe all the religious holidays! (Well, probably not all. But more than anyone ever expected.)

What the heck was that all about? Your suggestions welcome. I'm particularly interested in whether you think it was a) a deliberate show, or b) a bungled mess. Or c) something I haven't thought of.

2. The County Executive and the Governor stage a press conference on a dangerous road to explain how dangerous it is. Good gravy! If that stretch of road is so dangerous, then holding a press event right in the thick of it can't be in the best interest of motorists, can it? (See more on decision to widen Route 32 here.) Not criticizing the decision itself, just the means of announcing it.

3. Cancer. Well, cancer defies logic every week. Like a mass shooter who picks out victims indiscriminately, cancer mows down people we know and don't know. Famous people, family, the friend of a friend, the person in the next town whose family is holding a fundraiser for treatment that we read about in the newspaper. Spouses, friends, the person next to us on the train with whom we will never have one single conversation.

We know one day it might be us.

We mourn in public the lost artistry and humanity of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. At the same time almost all of us are connected to someone who is fighting that battle. There are two people in my life right now--whose names you don't need to know--whose health and recovery is a daily battle. President Obama's challenge to take on cancer and beat it in our lifetimes is particularly meaningful to me this week.

Wait, I've got one more thing. I have a friend who has been diligently looking for a job since January, 2014 and, as of today, is still unemployed. This is just nuts. I'd like to help turn this story into one that makes sense, so if you have any ideas on how to get my friend hooked up with a job, contact me privately through the email address associated with the blog. Thanks.

What a week.


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