Friday, June 3, 2016


Long, cold, damp, gloomy Spring has been overtaken by the familiar hot and humid Summer weather. School doesn't end until June 17th but swim suits are already out and in use, the AC is on and ice pops are in the freezer. My gut tells me this is all wrong. I grew up in the Midwest, where, if it was hot enough to go barefoot or go swimming, school was definitely out for the year.

I'm looking forward to pool time with my daughters, lazy Sundays shopping at the Oakland Mills Famers Market, and seeing what this new Columbia Weekend in the Woods is all about. We might get away to Rehoboth for a few days. (Caramel corn FTW!)

What about you? What are the things about Summer in Columbia/HoCo that you look forward to every year? I'd love to write about this in a future post, so tell me all the good stuff. What makes Summer "Summer" to you? Do you have family traditions? Are you going to try out something new this year?

Speaking of trying out new things to do, the Totally HoCo calendar continues to grow and become an incredibly useful jumping-off place for events in our area. Take a look at Jessie Newburn's most recent write up for more information. Since I'm not working this Summer, I'll be looking for free and low-cost ways to enjoy Howard County and beat the heat.

So, tell me. What are the quintessential Columbia/HoCo Summer things to do? What should my readers add to their Summer Bucket Lists?









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