Friday, June 10, 2016

Return of the Trojan Horse

She's back. I don't know who she is, but Michelle Grey is back on Clarksville Happenings trying to drum up support for a multi-million dollar sports complex in Oakland Mills.

Wait up, now.

This study is being done with the residents of Oakland Mills, to ascertain what is best for the Oakland Mills community. Could Ms. Grey possibly be soliciting people from outside the village to influence the result in some way? Is she aligned with a particular group? Since she uses to term "re-invent" it seems likely that the group is OMVB leadership.

Head. Desk.

You can bet I responded.

Hi, I live in Oakland Mills. The needs and desires of Oakland Mills residents should be the primary driving force in this study. I remember remarking here once before that the people pushing this sports facility are doing so in an attempt to displace low income and minority residents of Oakland Mills. Please, no matter how much you love sports, don't buy into this without understanding exactly what this is, the misguided attempt by some to raise their property values by pushing out others less fortunate.

I'm happy to learn (from former OMVB member Marcia White) that there's a possibility of expanding/improving the Columbia Association Ice Rink. I think that's a great idea. She states:

I'm in favor of an expanded Ice Rink because: 1) there's a need for more ice space in the region 2) there's room to expand the current ice rink without tearing down anyone's home. 

I'm also hearing that "the experts from Bolan Smart" are really good folks and looking to do the best job they can for the actual residents of Oakland Mills. So, now that I'm on summer vacation, perhaps I should come out and join in the process. If you live in Oakland Mills, you should, too. I'll bet you have some downright awesome ideas.

When I find out when the next meeting is, I'll let you know.

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