Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's Feel-Good Story

This local story brought to you by the magic of social media:

FOUND DOG* wandering parking lot by The Ale House, near Walmart and 175, around 3:30 today, Weds, June 15. He does not have a micro-chip. He is wearing a green collar with no tags.

PLEASE share far and wide ASAP. We do not want to take him to the pound... and I cannot fit any more canine friends in my bed :


If you take him to the pound, they can check to see if he's microchipped and maybe get him home. You can take him and have them read the chip without surrendering him if you don't want to.


Sigh. Didn't read carefully. He looks sweet!

Sorry for caps lock... I have been busily correcting my inaccurate report --- this is a GIRL.

There is a homeless man that is in that area that has a similar dog. Txxxx, do you recognize him?


Or her :)

Did I mention my daughter is a medical professional? bwahahahahahaaaa

I was just saying that she does look like that...

They are going to go over and see if they can find the man.

That's Goldie Girl, she belongs to a homeless man. Do you still have her??? I can take her until I find him. He has a camp close to my neighborhood.

Are you sure?

Yes!!! I love that dog!! Do you want to meet somewhere??

She is hanging out by the pool. Where are you located?

I know the gentleman you are speaking of - last time I saw him, he was in the parking lot of Ale House with his dog - hope he is OK.

I hope he hasn't been arrested. I have always told him I would take Goldie Girl if he needed me to. I am sure he is worried sick about her.

That's great I have given them food many times, I hope he's ok! I've never seen him without her!

Yes! I know her too. He must be heart broken. He had a cell phone at one point I have his number. I'll try it. Their tent city is just south of the Carmax on Route 1.

Can we do anything to help this man and his dog?

I'm with her. Can we help?

UPDATE: Wonderful news. "Goldie Girl" will be reunited with with her owner soon. Thank you EVERYONE!!!! Such a wonderful, caring community.

He was there and now has Goldie Girl!!

I loved reading this thread and the good hearts of all of you. #Community


What you see here is that everyone united to help this dog find her owner. What you don't see is anyone passing judgement, making negative comments, being critical. Everyone in this story receives respect: the dog, the owner, the rescuer, and all the people on the thread.

I bet you haven't been reading many stories like that this week. I thought you'd enjoy this one.



*Original poster in bold. All other responders in regular type.


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