Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Twitter Gold

Here's an invitation for you.

Really enlightening thread guided by @migold right now -- going places I've never been. Maybe you have. Check it out.

Just go. Find @migold and just read. Read back to the beginning of the thread, which is at some point yesterday afternoon, when he asks,

What was your first experience at a gay bar like?

Just one simple question. Amazing responses. A chance for people to be heard. A chance for people like me to learn. A contribution to a feeling that we are all human and worthy of love. We all look for acceptance.

Michael Gold was a reporter at the Baltimore Sun. He was snapped up by the Washington Post, then quickly made the leap to the New York Times. He does social media. He does it well.

So, read it all. And read the article he recommends, "'It's Sacred.' A Gay Refuge, Turned Into A War Zone" by Michael Barbaro.

I don't know of Mr. Gold was doing this for his job or on his own time, and it doesn't matter to me. It was a beautiful moment in a stream of chaos, and I was glad to be a witness.


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