Monday, June 20, 2016


There's something wrong with my shoulder. And since it's connected to my arm, and my hand, I've now got a problem holding my iPad. And that means I have a problem writing, at least until I figure this out. Grr.

In the meantime, read this. The author, Marge Neal, was one of the writers for Columbia Patch, back in the day. She's now writing a blog called Scribbles from the Margen. This piece really struck me because she saw something in an obituary that many of us would have missed.

In a simple life-to-death narrative she spies the evidence of opportunity denied. It was a world built for men. Men played the leading roles. Women played bit parts. And the same story: passed down from generation to generation. She invites us to contemplate the fate of Carrie Kohn Wyman, of whom she states:

Women of her era weren't aware of the glass ceiling because they weren't allowed out of the basement.

Ms. Neal's piece is a challenge to look beyond the usual and seek out the possibilities. Imagine what amazing things might happen "if we keep telling girls they can do anything they want. And be there to mentor them along the way."




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